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[IENE 120] Obscene Dentist

[IENE 120] Obscene Dentist

[IENE 120] Obscene Dentist

【今年のシリーズ】 A: You have one version of your video under 120 minutes, so you have one version in that table. But I don't see how you could have multiple copies of the same content because you have only 2 versions of it with different duration (which is impossible). So I think you have to correct that column. PS: I just realised that your download table has wrong attribute. If you have indeed only 2 versions of that video, then you should set the column status to InProcess, and write in this case 2 in the status column. F. H. Heinemann Friedrich Heinrich Heinemann (April 20, 1872, Spalt – July 29, 1943, Stettin) was a German archaeologist and museum curator. Biography He was born in Spalt, Province of Pomerania, the son of painter August Heinrich Heinemann (1840–1888) and his wife Luise (née Schippel). His grandfather, Christian August Heinrich Heinemann, had been an art teacher in Spalt. In 1878, after a year spent in Hanover, Heinemann was sent to a school in Hamburg. In 1884, he began attending the Gymnasium there, and in 1888, moved to Munich to study art, philosophy and natural sciences. In 1889, his father, who was already suffering from mental illness, committed suicide, and in 1893, Heinemann's mother died. After studying art history in Munich, he was hired by the German Archaeological Institute (Deutsche Archäologische Institut), where he began studying prehistoric archaeology. In 1894, he took his first trip to Greece, and remained for two years. Following that, he went to Paris to study archaeology at the École française d'Athènes. He also attended lectures at the universities of Berlin and Leipzig. In 1902, he was awarded a doctorate for his work on the Mycenaean culture. After returning to Germany, he was named a curator at the German Archaeological Institute, and in 1907, was appointed its director. That year, he and Friedrich Kurt von den Steinen (1868–1957) went to the Near East, and took part in the excavations at the Hittite capital of Boğazköy. In

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