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Mechanical diagnosis

What do we really want when doing business through the phone or by videoconference? COMPETENCE! You will find it at SGP Crane Repair. When it is time to get a clear mechanical diagnosis on a crane or lifting system that has stopped working properly or even completely, I am that competent person.  


Although I can travel to the job site, my expertise by phone or videoconference is often enough to determine what caused the error code or stopped a crane or lifting system from functioning. Taking into account my specialized training of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components of major brands of cranes and lifting systems, I can easily identify the problem and advise my client on the appropriate solution. I can also accompany this client in the repair of the machinery or guide them through the manipulations needed to restart the equipment.  

Why should you receive a diagnostic from SGP Crane Repair? 


  • To receive a QUICK and ACCURATE mechanical diagnosis of your defective equipment.

You will save time and money and get back to work quickly.

  • To obtain guidance from a COMPETENT and EXPERIENCED expert.

You will have the assurance that you are doing the right thing the right way!

  • To do business with a crane and lifting system repairing expert specialized in northern climates.

You are guaranteed the expertise of someone who understands the special conditions of Canada’s northern regions and the effects of the cold on any equipment.

  • For my availability

You do not choose when a problem arises. That is why I am available 24/7 and can travel (taking into account the availability of flights) if my expertise is needed on site.  


To summarize, if you do not know why your crane or lifting system is defective or has stopped, I do. The solution is not complicated; contact me to get a mechanical diagnosis. 


All your needs in maintenance and/or repair of cranes and lifting equipment can be catered by our services (24/7 emergency assistance, on-site mechanical inspection, maintenance of equipment fleets in remote areas or mining sites, electrical or hydraulic repair and diagnosis of equipment). Call on my expertise. Use SGP Crane Repair. 

SGP Crane Repair, experience to its excellence.

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