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Emergency crane repairs and lifting systems 24/7

As a crane repair expert and the owner of SGP Crane Repair, I know too well the stress generated by machinery breakdown on a remote worksite or mining area. Remote usually means three things: 

  • Scarcity of crane repair experts who travel on location 

  • Long period of time taken for an expert to reach worksite 

  • Long waiting period when sending for parts that are necessary for repair 

To significantly decrease this stress and allow your worksite to continue its activity, I offer you availability: 

  • Possibility to contact me in case of an emergency 24/7 

  • Possibility to make a diagnosis over the phone with your error code or a description of the problem 

  • If my expertise on site is necessary, I travel as quickly as possible (according to the available flights to the location of the site) throughout Canada, especially in the remote areas and mining sites. 

  • Bilingual services 

Doing business with SGP Repair is a guarantee of tranquility of mind since you have certainty of the following:


  • A quick and efficient service offered by an expert

  • Operating machinery with minimal delay

  • Reducing losses due to non-functional equipment

  • Decreasing the risks of exceeding a deadline

You do not have to wait any longer! SPG Crane Repair is there waiting for your call with its 24/7 emergency assistance.

All your needs in maintenance and/or repair of cranes and lifting equipment can be catered by our services (24/7 emergency assistance, on-site mechanical inspection, maintenance of equipment fleets in remote areas or mining sites, electrical or hydraulic repair and diagnosis of equipment). Call on my expertise. Use SGP Crane Repair. 

SGP Crane Repair, experience to its excellence.

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