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Hydraulic Repairs

We all know that our Canadian winters are harsh especially for our cars; when the battery is frozen and the car will not start or when the motor oil becomes so thick the pistons have a hard time working. Fortunately, to lessen our ordeal, car manufacturers developed engines, batteries and oils designed for our climate. This should also be true of cranes and lifting systems but, sadly, a lot of improvement still needs to be made.  


Too often hydraulic repairs on cranes and lifting systems in remote areas situated in northern Canada are performed because the oil that was used was not suited for a northern environment. The cold temperature literally freezes the oil and all the components of the crane’s hydraulic system (pump, valves, hoses, etc.) suffer the consequences. This is without counting the loss of time and sometimes the loss of profit.  


What should you do? Contact SGP Crane Repair!

As an expert in crane repair and owner of SGP Crane Repair, I can install auxiliary heating systems so that the hydraulic components of your equipment can continue to work perfectly in freezing temperatures.  


In addition to installing these auxiliary heating systems, I am one of the few experts in hydraulic system repair available on worksites and mining sites in remote areas in Canada. I have received specific training for hydraulic components on cranes and lifting equipment from the largest crane manufacturers like Tadano, Liebherr, GMK and Kobelco. And, I continue to expand my knowledge through training as often as possible. 


It is possible to contact me 24/7 and if my expertise is needed on site, I travel within 24 to 48 hours depending on the available flights. 

The cold does not stop SGP Crane Repair! 


All your needs in maintenance and/or repair of cranes and lifting equipment can be catered by our services (24/7 emergency assistance, on-site mechanical inspection, maintenance of equipment fleets in remote areas or mining sites, electrical or hydraulic repair and diagnosis of equipment). Call on my expertise. Use SGP Crane Repair. 

SGP Crane Repair, experience to its excellence.

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