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Electrical repair of cranes and lifting equipments

If there is one thing I know after working many years fixing machinery on worksites and mining sites in northern Canada is the influence of our Nordic climate on the electrical and hydraulic components of cranes and lifting equipment. Although manufacturers are becoming more aware of our conditions, the fact remains that there is still much progress to be made to develop components that will resist our climate.

Until then, SGP Crane Repair is here! 


Why should you entrust your electrical repairs to SGP Crane Repair? 

Other than the cold, I know all the possible causes of an electrical breakdown on a crane or a lifting equipment of any brand: 


  • New anti-pollution systems

  • A broken cable 

  • A poor power supply 

  • And others


Furthermore, having sophisticated technology does not mean less sophisticated problems. Fortunately, I have received specific training for electrical components on cranes and lifting equipment from the largest crane manufacturers like Tadano, Liebherr, GMK and Kobelco. I constantly update my knowledge and training to keep myself informed on the technological advancements of these components.  


For an expert who knows how to repair the electrical components of your crane and lifting equipment in arctic weather, call SGP Crane Repair. An expert who keeps a cool head when facing electrical breakage provoked by the cold or other causes.  


All your needs in maintenance and/or repair of cranes and lifting equipment can be catered by our services (24/7 emergency assistance, on-site mechanical inspection, maintenance of equipment fleets in remote areas or mining sites, electrical or hydraulic repair and diagnosis of equipment). Call on my expertise. Use SGP Crane Repair. 

SGP Crane Repair, experience to its excellence.

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