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Mechanical inspection of cranes and lifting system

What does a mechanical inspection of SGP cranes and lifting systems offer concretely?

Mechanical inspection of cranes and lifting systems 

  • Peace of mind

  • The guarantee of safe and functional equipment 

  • Reduction of time and profit lost due to non-functional equipment 


Why do business with SGP Crane Repair for mechanical inspections?


  • To ensure compliance and safety of your equipment 


This point mainly concerns cranes. An LMI test, which calculates the heaviest load that can be carried by the crane, is performed. This benefits employers as it avoids work accidents that can have serious repercussions on employees such as limiting, disabling or even death.

  • For my availability and competitive prices 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have the services of an expert for about half the price that would be charged by your manufacturer? And what if you could call on my expertise at any time and from anywhere with the use of a 24/7 emergency assistance service? It would be a shame if you did not take advantage of this efficient and quick resource offered by an expert having 15 years of experience in this field.  

  • For my knowledge of the different brands

In addition to having worked in the field for many years, I have also had the privilege of being trained by some of the biggest crane manufacturers in the world. To offer the best service possible, I have gained knowledge on all the brands as well as their weaknesses. 


When is it beneficial, if not necessary, to mechanically inspect a crane or lifting system?


  • Before the sale

Not every seller will inspect their equipment before the sale. It is therefore very important to request an inspection to avoid unpleasant and often expensive surprises.

  • Before buying

You will definitely get a better price on the sale of your equipment if it has been previously inspected to confirm that it is fully functional. 

  • After a rental return

If you are renting to someone, you want to ensure that your equipment is functional when it returns. If you are the renter, you want to return the equipment in good condition.  


In any situation, the expertise of SGP Crane Repair will be highly useful.   


Now that you know the importance of a mechanical inspection and the most competent person to perform this task, do not wait any longer and contact me, Sebastien, crane expert and owner of SGP Crane Repair.  


All your needs in maintenance and/or repair of cranes and lifting equipment can be catered by our services (24/7 emergency assistance, on-site mechanical inspection, maintenance of equipment fleets in remote areas or mining sites, electrical or hydraulic repair and diagnosis of equipment). Call on my expertise. Use SGP Crane Repair. 


SGP Crane Repair, experience to its excellence.

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